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    The Main Rules

    Ieyatsu Sawada
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    The Main Rules

    Post  Ieyatsu Sawada on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:24 pm

    1.Flaming is not allowed.

    2.Discrimination towards a member, race, gender etc. will not be tolerated.

    3.Obscene images or anything deemed as pornographic are not allowed on this site meaning no nude pics of any kind or anything you would see on an adult site.

    4.The mods and admins are the authority around here so if they tell you to do something do it with no arguement unless told so by a different admin/mod.

    5.Arguing is not allowed if you dont get along with a member ignore/dont talk/interact with them or pm a mod about it and they will handle it.

    6.Cybering is not allowed here so dont do it.

    7.Keep spam in the spam area meaning no spamming in the chat box.

    8.No advertising in the chat box or advertisement on signatures keep advertisements in the advertisement section.

    9.Members are allowed only one account per computer.

    10. No godmodding

    11.Keep signatures a reasonable size if your signature is too big it will be deleted by an admin.

    12.No flashing avatars or signatures.

    13.When creating a poll make sure to promote disscussion

    14.Anything that promotes illegal acts are not allowed and if caught doing so you will be banned.

    15.Only mods are allowed to post in a person's app.

    16.Backseat moderating isn't allowed if you're not a moderator dont act like one.

    17.Dont bother the staff on checking apps or anything related everything will be checked overtime so have patience.

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