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    Ieyatsu Sawada Reborn

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    Name:Ieyatsu Sawada Reborn


    Rank:Vongola Prime


    Family:Vongola Famiglia

    Personalit:Calm, Plain

    Dying will mode Personality: Calm, Plain

    Hyper Dying will mode Personality:Calm, Plain

    Ring / element:Sky / Ring

    History:The Founder of the Vongola Famiglia and thus its first boss and the creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough. He first appeared in chapter 158. After his retirement, he moved to Japan and started a family, of which Tsuna is a descendant. He is the great-great-great grandfather of Tsuna. Tsuna has repeatedly been shown to be very much like him, as they have the same weapon and techniques (including the Zero-Point Breakthrough), similar appearances, and equally unorthodox Families (the first Family included kings, military men, rival mafiosos, and religious people). Their Guardians are quite similar as well: Yamamoto, Hibari, Mukuro, Lambo, Gokudera and Ryohei have already been shown to be very much like their predecessors in appearance, weapon of choice, and personality.

    Primo's Guardians -

    Sun: He was an undefeated boxing champion however due to his strength, he killed an opponent during a match, this made him resign from boxing and take a job to serve god. At his families moment of crisis, he gave himself 3 minutes and managed to save them and after that he never stepped inside a ring again. The First Sun Guardian and Ryohei have a strong resemblance in which both use boxing as their weapons. Ryohei's Sun Kangaroo can Cambio Forma into a similar boxing gear called the Knuckle of Maximum Break.

    Lightning: Son of the earth master. He was very cowardly and spoiled, but Giotto made him fight anyway. He was known as the lightning with hidden ferocity. He resembles fifteen year old Lambo. He used a sheild similar to Lampo's Shield.

    Storm: Helped Giotto form a vigilante group that became the core of the Vongola Famiglia. He physically resembles Gokudera (right down to their shared smoking habit), and Lal Mirch referred to him as Ieyatsu's right-hand man (a position shared by him and Gokudera). He initially used a gun which he carried almost as a part of himself, much like Gokudera's dynamite, but switched to a bow given to him by Ieyatsu himself whenever he acted in the name of the Vongola. Gokudera's Storm Leopard can Cambio Forma into a similar bow called the G-Archery.

    Rain: Japanese, loved music. It was said that there were none who could match his skills with the blade. He physically resembles Yamamoto, and Reborn compared Yamamoto giving up baseball to the first Rain Guardian giving up music: both did so to excel at swordsmanship for the sake of their friends in the Vongola Family. Specifically, the first Rain Guardian sold his instruments for a trio of short swords and a single long sword. Yamamoto's Kojirou and Jirou can Cambio Forma into similar swords called the Asari Ugetsu.

    Mist: A dangerous illusionist. He resembles Chrome in no way but he physically and mentally resembles Mukuro in pesonality and actions, and Reborn stated that he was a backstabber, much as Mukuro has frequently noted that he is merely biding his time for the opportunity to possess Tsuna. He was said to be able to curse enemies by glaring at them through his weapon called Demon Spade's Evil Lens which resembles the Mist Owl's Cambio Forma, though "cursing" is likely a metaphorical reference to what happened to anyone he disliked.

    Cloud: Headed a secret intelligence agency in an unidentified country. He physically resembles Hibari, and despite their preference for solitude Dino notes that they both show benevolence towards allies, even though Hibari's manner of doing so is outwardly unfriendly and even violent. His weapon of choice was known as Alaude Handcuffs, Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog can Cambio Forma into a similar weapon.

    Giotto's descendants and his own Japanese name is named after Tokugawa Shoguns (Ieyatsu, Yoshimune, Yoshinobu, Ietsuna, Iemitsu, and Tsunayoshi).

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